Inspirational lecture

We at OneMore Secure know from experience that among the most difficult things about a security strategy is getting the business to realize the need to do security and how to do it as an employee. Our experience has shown time and time again the effect of inspirational lectures about this with certainty when your company's security strategy seems to have stopped and is not moving forward.

Our experts at OneMore Secure offer both physical and digital lectures about cyber security. Our lectures are highly appreciated and have a proven effect on the business to understand this complex and broad topic and to understand its role in the business' work with cyber security.

OneMore Secure talks about a perspective of security that is often missed - the human. Cyber ​​security, cyber psychology and risk management with a focus on people is something we consider ourselves to be leading experts in. OneMore Secure obviously masters the entire spectrum of cyber security and there are few topics we cannot come to you and inspire you around in your business's journey towards increased security.