Secure your supply chain within a few minutes!

Standard cyber hygiene controls

Automated follow-ups

Categorization and risk assessment

Audits of suppliers

Saas service for a secure supply chain

OneMore Secure's Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) is a saas service for a secure supply chain, you get an effective tool to secure your supply chain and an automatic process for follow-up and reporting.

Cyber hygiene

Get control of your suppliers' cyber hygiene by automatically sending out a standardized security declaration to your suppliers via our service.

If a supplier has already responded to the declaration, they do not need to do so again, but only confirm your relationship.

Automatic follow-ups

Set how often you want to follow up with your suppliers. This happens automatically and you see how your suppliers develop over time. You get a visual picture of your suppliers' development.

Risk assessment

You can categorize your suppliers based on risk assessment, industry and what they deliver.

You can therefore make different demands on your suppliers based on their risk profile.

Common KPI

By using our security index as a KPI, you and your suppliers get a highly effective process, toolbox and solution to, year after year, increase your resilience, continuity and competitiveness with your supply chain.


If you want to validate your suppliers' cyber hygiene, you can easily order a third-party audit from the service.

Add-on for NIS2 & DORA 

We offer the controls to do your GAP analysis to comply with EU directives such as NIS2 and DORA.

You can also send these to your suppliers to check that they comply with the directives.

For suppliers

Have you received an invitation to our service from a customer? Congratulations! These are the benefits for you.


OneMore Secure's service is completely free for you as a supplier and only takes about 30 minutes to answer. The declaration consists of standard checks for good cyber hygiene and covers areas such as information security, IT security, security culture and GDPR.


You only need to respond to our cyber hygiene declaration once. If you have several customers, you only need to confirm that you have a relationship and the other customers will see your declaration and your index. No one else has access to your information.


Many organisations use word or excel files to check suppliers. We secure the handling of your data through a secure service that is encrypted. The operation of the service takes place securely in Sweden and is certified with ISO27001.

Method of cyber hygiene

OneMore Secure has developed a method for a supply chain cyber hygiene approach. The method is designed to help you create effective control and an overview of your supply chain regarding cyber security. The method has been divided into three separate steps;

  • Understand the risks

  • Get control

  • Build resilience

Each step contains a number of principles to work with in order to gain control and systematics in the follow-up of your suppliers. OneMore Secure has experts in the field to support you in this work.

Contact us and we will offer our method for free.

Security advisory

Do you need a strategic advisor to your business regarding cyber security? OneMore Secure offer a Security advisory as a Service to help you prioritize your actions in matters like Cyber security, NIS 2, GDPR etc.