Processing of personal data

OneMore Secure uses cookies, tracking and analytical tools. The rights for OneMore Secure to use the personal data is valid until I, myself revoke it or expire by the service is not ordered or used.

By contacting us or interacting with functions on this webpage, I agree that any personal data, including name, e-mail address, phone number and other personal markers may be stored and used within OneMore Secure for digital services, marketing, prevent misuse and for statistical and analysis purposes.

Data that I directly or indirectly provide by using OneMore SecureĀ“s digital services can be used within OneMore Secure for marketing purposes, adapt content, services, and advertising as well as for the development of new services.

If I have any questions regarding the processing of my personal data, please contact OneMore Secure customer service at

For further information on OneMoreSecure's processing of personal data, read more here.